AAAS/JRN 475 Overview & Syllabus

FYI: Get to know the syllabus very well it is your manual for the semester. The syllabus can change at anytime. 



The objective of Riots, Rebellions, Civil Disturbances, and Uprisings of the 20th Century is to allow students to study, analyze and critique landmark civil disobedience incidents and its aftermath in the age of neo-civil rights (50th anniversary/commemoration of the Voting Rights Act, Brown v. Board of Ed., the establishment of the Black Panthers and the like), a Black Presidency and Black Lives Matters. Specifically, students will engage with interdisciplinarity methodologies, as well as, several areas of study—Black Studies, Urban Studies, Oral History, and Journalism to assess the various narratives of each event and its veracity. As such, various mediums will be incorporated, explicitly film and music to expound on the details and its players. Some of the readings will include stories from The Michigan Chronicle, Detroit Free Press, Detroit News and snippets from Thomas Sugrue’s Origins of the Urban Crisis, Sidney Fine’s Violence in the Model City and more.

This course is experimenting with the blended classroom—the online, the physical and tangible (field trips) allowing for a comprehensive, inclusive and equitable learning experience. For some this may be your first foray into a digital/hybrid classroom, as such, I'm trying to keep this as simple as possible. The methods, and specifically the flaws of the online class aren't fail proof. I'm working with the flaws of the academty to create a more sustainable model. 

Change to syllabus: Due to the versatility of Slack, Google Classroom will not be used. Only two platforms will be used this website and Slack.